Selling Skills

(Articles-Videos-Reflections-Recommended books) Selected from Trustworthy and Proven Sources Selling Skills – For Individual Excellence Individual excellence is crucial for building high-performance teams. It’s important for people to optimize their strengths and be clear about their ways to contribute to the teams in a valuable manner. Individuals have also a responsibility to manage their weaknesses so as to retain […]

Listening – A Powerful Tool for Success – Sridevi Dutta

Listening— A Powerful Tool for Success In a world filled with noise and constant interruptions, the power of listening is often undermined and its relevance never fully understood. A doctor who listens effectively gains the trust of her/his patients. A corporation which listens effectively to its customers and employees, succeeds in forming lasting relationship with […]

Sales Rock Star

Sales folks are like rockstars. Always performing. Always under the pressure to do their best. Sales people can’t be happy with past success. Sales performance needs good technique, skills, attitude, spirit, and a constant source of inspiration. Every deal is a rock show, every win can make you feel like a rock star.